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9pc Heart Chocolate Lover

749.00 674.00
9 Pc Heart Shaped Chocolates in 3 flavors of Milk Chocolate , Raspberry and Milk just seems to complete your

Beautiful Red Heart Design Mug

599.00 399.00
Fine Print Designed high quality mug will sure win your heart. Addons can only be clubbed along with Chocolates. We

Belgian Collection of Enticing Truffles

1,811.00 1,594.00
This extraordinary chocolate assortment is perfect for those who cannot decide between the countless wonderful Belgian Chocolate Truffles. This exquisite

Chocholik 12pc Adorable Surprises Of Chocolates And Sweets Gift Box

1,199.00 989.00
Here we come with a box of chocolates filled with sweetness and love which will be a treat for your

Chocholik 24Pc Classic Cabinate Of Chocolate Collection

1,599.00 1,399.00
Send your best wishes to your loved ones. Simply a delicious treat to say you’re thinking of someone special. Buy

Chocholik 24Pc Exotic Collections Of Chocolates Gifts

1,599.00 1,399.00
A treasure to behold, this gift brings together the chocolates.! Buy Chocholik Special Gifts, Gift hampers, Luxury Chocolates, Gifts Sweets,

Chocholik 24Pc Great Indulgence Of Yummy Chocolates Gifts

1,599.00 1,399.00
Send across your best wishes to your dear ones in a completely thoughtful manner and make them feel delighted. Buy

Chocholik 24Pc Happiness With Lovely Chocolates Gifts

1,599.00 1,399.00
A perfect gift idea for anyone who has a sweet tooth! This chocolate arrangement is the perfect gift for your

Chocholik 24Pc Marvelous Creation Of Chocolates Gifts

1,999.00 1,499.00
Chocolates when presented in a marvelous chocolate box double the appeal of the gift. Buy Chocholik Special Gifts, Gift hampers,

Chocholik 24Pc Only For Love Chocolate Truffle Collection

1,999.00 1,499.00
An ideal gift is something that looks attractive and also tastes great. Buy Chocholik Special Gift hampers, Luxury Chocolates, Gifts

Chocholik 24Pc Special Treat Of Chocolates Gifts

1,599.00 1,399.00
If you are confused to gift something special to someone special, then, this Chocolate box is your perfect choice. .

Chocholik 24Pc Sweetening Your Tastebuds Chocolates Gifts

1,599.00 1,399.00
Gift your loved ones a promise from your heart and let the chocolates add flavors to it. Buy Chocholik Special